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2013 Toyota INSECT

Written By Admin on Thursday, 25 October 2012 | 11:41

2013 Toyota INSECT: Toyota re-designed showcase its intelligent vehicle. Smart vehicle named INSECT time, the selection of the name itself is not because these vehicles have properties such as insects, but INSECT stands for “Electric City Information Transporter Social Network”. Smart car is a development of the concept of “COMS” made EV a subsidiary of Toyota Auto Body Co., and the vehicle is claimed to be able to communicate well with its users.
Electric powered car is equipped with a host of advanced features such as motion sensors, voice recognition, behavior prediction, and also can connect the driver to the house through the Toyota Smart Center. Interesting features such as facial recognition technology has also been adopted by this car, this system will work to authenticate a driver who has been registered, and provides some services such as opening doors, flashes lights and can also monitor greet the driver through the instrument panel.

 2013 Toyota INSECT
 2013 Toyota INSECT Concept
 2013 Toyota INSECT Interior
2013 Toyota INSECT Concept Car